Stage 17: Queen Stage, All in the climb


"Performing well at the Tour de France and winning the queen stage... it's fabulous. After taking the leadership role, I focused every day on doing the best I could. I have felt really good every day and even better since the beginning of this third week."

-Felix Gall

"Felix was amazing. This stage revealed a great cyclist. We knew his talent and we helped to let it grow. We always manage to find riders who bring us great joy."

-Vincent Lavenu. Manager AG2R Citroen 

"I don't know what happened to me, but my ears have been ringing for 15 minutes now, and I'm having trouble breathing. Maybe an asthma attack. It was a really difficult time. I couldn't push my legs. My only objective was to get to the end, which was hard enough in itself. I'll do the math tomorrow. For now. I'll just think about recovering."

-Guillaume Martin. 46th place, 11th on GC.

Tobias Johannes: 6th place.

Best and last rider: Simon Geschke makes it to the finish with a minute to spare.

"Didn't see that nightmare of a day coming. Don't know if I ever had a harder day on the bike."
-Simon Gerschke