Arensman survives, Kuss in red


Thymen Arensman survived a frightful crash on Friday's stage 6 to Oliva and thanked his helmet for saving his life.

"I can think it was quite scary because I think I was out for a few hours. I can't remember three or four hours maybe. But I think I'm super lucky that I didn't break anything. I think if I wasn't wearing a helmet I don't know if I'd still be here so I can really thank the helmet for that. As you can see. I miss some teeth and my neck hurts, which is why I'm wearing this beautiful neck brace. Also my eye and my stitches. Actually, it hurts everywhere a little bit, my whole body, my knees, my arms. I think I was super lucky because it could've been really bad. My head hurts a little bit so I'm going to take it really easy now."

-Thymen Arensman

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