Nov 30, 2010

1984 Olympic Road Race: Los Angeles

Bauer's heroics got me hooked on cycling!

July 29th, 1984; ABC's Sports coverage of the Olympic road race was memorable for me. I sat riveted to the TV screen after 190 km of racing with the outcome hinge on the last mile. Steve Bauer looked so cool in the heat to Mission Viejo playing cat n' mouse with Alexi Grewal. I hoped Bauer would beat Grewal in the final exciting sprint. I'm glad this video showed the fantastic sprint to third place of Dag Otto Lauritzen over compatriot Morten Sether. I still get goosebumps watching this!

Nov 29, 2010

"Pass the Peanut Butter!"

Campy + Peanut Butter + My baked bread = Tasty Heaven!

In my toolbox...

I did some digging, of the internet kind, and found a very tasty bit of information on my Campagnolo Cotterless Crank Bolt Wrench.

The origin is from the sixties, tool #769 and of course made in Italy. It's a 15 mm closed wrench used to remove or install the crank bolts from the bottom bracket and to operate the crank extractor tool.

Here's the fun part, it's also called the, "Peanut Butter" wrench. Not only a finely crafted & practical tool but if you're ever stuck without a flat edge can also use it to spread peanut butter on your bread!

Does that mean the Italians also created the peanut butter sandwich?

Nov 28, 2010

1984 World Road Race: Barcelona

The grimacing bunch...
Jock Boyer, John 'Stache' Eustice, & Bernard Hinault...

Sept. 2, 1984: Barcelona was the site of the World Road Race Championship covering 255.5 km. Steve Bauer, silver medalist at the LA Olympic road race, rode an amazing ride to capture bronze and turned Professional with Hinault's La Vie Claire team. Claude Criquielion (gold) & Steve Bauer would 'tangle' once again in the infamous 1988 Ronse World Road Race.

1. Claude Criquielion

2. Claudio Corti  3. Steve 'Cpt Canuck' Bauer

Quick Criq!

Nov 27, 2010

All the right moves

In the drivers seat...
After his first Tour win, Fignon in his new
Renault 5 Turbo... with parents beaming!


Second year pro, Laurent Fignon entered his first Tour de France without the patron, the injured Badger. The beleaguered Renault team was uncertain who would lead. But, manager Cyrille Guimard had an idea.

The young Fignon helped lead a hobbled Hinault, in the mountains, to Vuelta victory. The price; the Badger won his second Vuelta, battered with tendinitis of his knee could not ride the Tour. Fignon is quickly included to the Tour team and hopes for; a stage win, challenge for the white jersey classification and aim for a top ten placing. Lofty goals?

On the stage between Luchon and Fleurance, leader Pascal Simon fell and cracked his shoulder blade but still gallantly rode on. His defense of the yellow jersey was now in peril. And, on the stage to L'Alpe-d'Huez, with the pain unbearable, Simon quit the Tour. At the end of that stage, Fignon finished fifth but became the new yellow jersey. Further proof that his yellow jersey was on worthy shoulders, the Parisen won the final Dijon TT. The Tour was his.

Laurent Fignon's door to greatness opened. He achieved his pre-race objectives of winning a stage, best young rider and winning his debut only 22 years old!

Enter ...the Professeur.

Nov 25, 2010

La Nina's Surprise

Dog days of snow!

La Nina is here and only a month before Christmas, I'm thinking will it last? It usually is wiped out by the welcome torrents of rain. An unusual dump of snow in Vancouver (-6C) and it doesn't look like stopping soon. It reminds me of Albertan winters but a lot warmer. It's early for the snow but it's fun to walk in it!

Nov 24, 2010

Made in Italy.

Above is an excellent tribute video to the 70s/80s Dutch rider, Johan Van de Velde. He won many victories for the famous Ti-Raleigh team; the Maillot Blanc in the 1980 Tour, two Tour stage wins, Dauphine Libere, & twice Dutch National Champion.

Tour 1981...
Ti-Raleigh glory days.

But, his star shone racing for Italian teams. In 1984, he signed for Metauromobili-Pinarello and became for the first time in his career, team leader. Van der Velde said, "For many years I thought I would like to ride in an Italian team. I like the country, the mentality inside Italian teams suited me, and they always had good bikes and equipment. The Italian people can be temperamental, but I like that too. It was a small team but there were some good riders in it, including Lucien Van Impe and a Dutch friend of mine, Frits Pirard."

The following year, Van der Velde won his first Giro points title. He said, "When I got the points jersey I felt the really warmth of the fans for the first time. They cheer for everyone but especially for the jerseys, and there is a lot of interest in whoever is wearing them." But, he missed the Tour and moved to Panasonic under his old coach Peter Post wanting to relive his Ti-Raleigh days. He even won a stage and wore the Maillot Jaune but it wasn't the same. Van der Velde went back to Italy riding for the Gis team and duly won the 1986 & 1987 Giro points title.

Van der Velde (Gis-Jolly) wins the 1987 Giro points title...
flanked by Conti, Roche & Millar.

And, the tifosi love their heroes, who ride with panache like Van der Velde. In the famous stage on the frigid Gavia pass in 1988, heroes were created. Amongst them, Johan Van der Velde marched up the summit alone. Bare arms and staggering upwards was an amazing feat in blizzard conditions. It was epic!

Johan Van der Velde said, "It was hard but I got to the top in the lead and I was OK. I just have to go downhill all the way to Bormio and I have won a big stage. But once I got over the top, I have never known cold like it. I went down about two or three kilometres and I could not brake properly and it was difficult to see through the snow. So I stopped by my team car and drank some hot tea and some cognac. No matter how much hot tea I drank I could not stop shaking. When the bus came I got in it. There were other riders in there, and we went down by the bus with our bikes and got out three kilometers from the finish and rode over the line. Later the organisers said about 60 riders had come down the mountain in cars, vans and buses, and they could not disqualify all of them. So I did start the next day. It was an exceptional day, they said."

Van der Velde up the Gavia.

Nov 23, 2010

Movember Giveaway!

This is the last week of Movember and to encourage folks to donate to the worthy cause we decided on a Galstudio cycling cap giveaway.

All donations of $10 dollars or more will automatically qualify to have a chance to win a Cappello da Ciclismo Nero cycling cap by Galstudio (for detail views)! What better way to celebrate your stache with our classic cap. Made from Linen/cotton it will surely become one of your favorite cycling caps.

Just go to my Movember site and participate. I will draw and post the winner on December 1st. Good Luck Mo Bros & Sistas!

Nov 22, 2010

Made It ...Cinelli Style!

The Classic Look...
My 1987 Cinelli Campione del Mondo handlebar & stem.

Now, it's all over ... our first show is in the record books.

Folks were excited by my Cinelli Campione del Mondo handlebar (66-40) & stem used as a display for our inner tube pouches & cases. Comments were, "Love the handlebars." "Great idea!" & "Clever!" It was very effective, the stem pivoted off a mini stand so customers could turn it freely. That's where Carolle came in, she made it work. Thousands of folks couldn't help but touch our fun inner tube products. It's very tactile almost pleasing to the touch. People seem eager to touch it. We encouraged it.

Our best seller was the inner tube wallets. The star!

While my Marinoni restoration project is ongoing, at least there's another use for the Cinelli bar & stem!

Nov 21, 2010

Making It!

Working the table.

Today is the last day of the Make It Show and Carolle and I are excited to pump out our Galstudio products for the Christmas crowd. Our handmade inner tube products are getting huge attention because we're the only merchant working with it. Many folks didn't have a clue what the material was. They're very happy that we recycle the inner tubes before it goes into the dreaded landfill.

And, we're looking forward to 'Making It' happen, again!

Nov 20, 2010

Campy NR Crankset

Old skool...
My Campy NR 144 BCD 170mm 42-53T

My Campagnolo Nuovo Record crankset is polished in fact, it's looking very fine. The mechanic at Peninsula Cycles mentioned that, for it's 23 years, it's in excellent shape. No cracks on the crankarm whatsoever!

Nov 19, 2010

Make It Show

Just back from day 1 of the Make It Show... here's the video.

Shot(s) of the Sheriff

Tearing it up in 1977.

Made for les pavé!

Francesco Moser won over 290 races in his career. His favorite race was Paris-Roubaix, winning three of them in 1978, 1979, & 1980. In 1976 edition, he came very close behind the winner Marc Demeyer in second. Amazingly, Moser finished on the Paris-Roubaix podium... seven times!

1986 Paris-Roubaix would be his last battle
over the pavé. Moser finished an heroic 8th!

Nov 18, 2010

The Wrath of the Nuovo Record

My 23 year old Nuovo Record derailleurs.

I contacted Damian at Peninsula Cycles to add another graphic to my frame. And, we're confirming the order before it goes for painting/decaling. That should be very soon.

Now, that I'm off the bike I have time cleaning and polishing my Nuovo Record Group. The derailleurs are amazing. Built tough and close to bomb proof. Except for a minor scuff it's in excellent shape. Not bad for it's 23 years. It hasn't aged at all. Only the jockey pulleys show some wear, that's all. Superior construction from the Vicenza manufacturer.

The Nuovo Record derailleur was first introduced in 1966 it soon became synonymous with precision & reliability.

Eddy Merckx knew and rode it to his first Tour de France win in 1969. I don't know what helped spurred him on to ride that wicked Tour. Earlier, at the Giro, he was tested positive for amphetamines and expelled. He denied it. Afterwards, he was cleared on the grounds that the test procedure had been flawed. He lost 18 days without competition and worked up plenty of aggression and attacked his first Tour. Merckx won three time trials and three more stages arriving in Paris seventeen minutes over second place Roger Pingeon. All this with the added importance of the new ...Nuovo Record derailleur.

Nuovo recording up the Ballon d'Alsace, stage 6 1969.

Nov 16, 2010

Brotherhood of the 'Stache

Lech Piasecki

The eighties was the time that I got interested in road cycling. If it wasn't for the flashy wool jersey's (there were a few) and steel bikes ... then definitely certain riders stood out with their accomplishments.

John Eustice

It's mid Movember and my 'stache seems to be looking like 'something' close to one. And, I'm rightly proud to sport it for the worthy cause of fighting the evil Cancer. On our last podcast, Guy and I mentioned that todays peloton is sorely missing of 'stache riders. Could David Zabriske and Steve Cozza be the only two? Don't forget goatee's do not count in the Brotherhood of the 'Stache. From that particularly fun & exciting period of cycling, I found a few favorite riders donning the ...pinch.

The not so secret, Brotherhood of the 'Stache 80s style...

My first go to guy is the rapid Swiss sprinter, Urs Freuler. A world champion many times over in the points & keirin race he excelled when it came down to the last 100 meters. At his peak he was unstoppable. Freuler had a lengthy and productive career from 1980-1995. He won many times in the Giro with 15 stage victories and the 1984 points classification.

Rapid man, Urs Freuler

American John Eustice rode from 1981-1992. He was another rider to venture over to Europe to try to make it go. His 'stache was clear to see in the 1984 Giro notably riding for the Linea-Gianni Motta team. Under the guidance of the first ever woman manager, Robin Morton.

Alfonso Flores was the classic cleverly 'stached Colombian rider that won the 1980 Tour L'Avenir. He silvered at the 1975 Pan Am Games road race. Flores, perhaps the forgotten star of Colombian cycling in the eighties as Luis Herrera and Fabio Parra's star was higher.

Alfonso Flores

World Champion track rider, Lech Piasecki was the first Polish cyclist to wear the yellow jersey in the 1987 Tour. In his 1986 Giro debut he duly won the ITT to Sienna. Come to think of it, he always rode for Italian teams complete with his classy 'stache.

Belgian Luc Roosen started his first season in 1986 all 'stached. Where he rode his first Tour as a domestique for Joop Zoetemelk.

Luc Roosen

That's my suave eighties group, fondly remembered for their on road and ...super 'stache achievements!

Nov 15, 2010

Song to my ears

The familiar whrrrr is captured in this video of seventies cycling. Great old jerseys & steel bikes sprinkled with a few stars of the past!

Nov 14, 2010

Documenting my Marinoni Chrome Fork

23 years young.

Now, that all my parts are off my Marinoni frame, I've photographed three images of my chrome fork. Note the small faded out Columbus decal... I'll be receiving a new one from Marinoni. And, I'm proud to say that my chrome forks are in excellent shape. The Peninsula Cycles mechanic mentioned that my Campy headset is in good shape and only the 23 year old ball bearings require replacement!

Chrome Love

Nov 13, 2010

Stage 11: BBB's Podcast... The Movember Edition

Riding on Stage 11, we're both supporting Movember with our 'staches to help raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer.

And what better way than to take our 'staches on a retro ride back and talk about Sean Kelly. I first saw the King of the Classics Irish star on CBS's Sports Sunday back in 1984. That was his first Paris-Roubaix win in classic fashion overcoming the harsh conditions that I've never witness before ... I became a fan. He was adopted as a Flandrien by the Belgium fans and how could you not cheer for this underdog rider. Kelly was certainly born to ride the pavé.

We have two excellent book reviews. Guy talks about,  'Kelly: A Biography of Sean Kelly' by David Walsh. I present my very first cycling book, 'The Fabulous World of Cycling,' by Winning Productions. It's a fine pictorial glimpse back with amazing images by photographer, Aldo Tonnoir and written by Eddy Merckx.

Everyone that's following my blog knows that my Marinoni is off for restoration and please visit back for updates on this wonderful journey.

Supporting the Movember theme, Guy talks about a famous 'stache rider that conquered the 'circle of death' in the 1910 Tour. I go to the 1985 Giro and have just the right 'stache rider to showcase. And, we cover our ride wearing two of Galstudio's cycling caps: the Ventoux & Cima Coppi. Our podcast is not complete without our customary drink.

Enjoy our Movember ride!

Kelly's Flandrien ride.

Nov 12, 2010

A Kellyian 1984

One hundred and ninety-four is the number of victories Sean Kelly achieved in his astounding 17 year cycling career. His most successful season came in 1984 when he racked up 34 wins.

Kelly enjoyed absolute control of cycling totalitarianism never before witness since the exhilarating days of Merckx. Riding for his great mentor, Jean De-Gribaldy he was leader for the Skil-Reydel-Sem-Mavic team. He blasted into that season with monumental effectiveness winning a soggy Paris-Roubaix then a week later Liege-Bastogne-Liege. The Irishman finished second in Milan SanRemo & the Tour of Flanders.

He rode as the number '1' rider of the world and one by one placed at or near the top of his races. Under the guidance of De-Gribaldy, the Skil team also had the former great classic rider, Alberic 'Iron Brik' Schotte as one of the managers. I'm sure Kelly learned a great deal under Schotte as the Belguim was known as the Last of the Flandrians. Kelly took up the same Flandrian mentality of excelling under the tough weather/working conditions of Belgium.

After his Paris-Roubaix victory, Kelly was an adopted 'Flandrian' and already nicknamed, 'The king of the classics.' That year he would go on to win his first of three Super Prestige Pernod Trophy's for the best rider of the year. A 'Cannibal' like year for King Kelly!

Nov 11, 2010

Campy's little gem

I'm in the cleaning mode attacking my Campagnolo Nuovo Record Gruppo. Labor intensive but fun at the same time. I found an interesting item burried in my tool kit...

Packed in the small clear, circular, plastic case are Campagnolo bottom bracket bearings (I believe) from the early eighties? It's a joy to smell the familiar grease and inside are 2 sets of 11 ball bearings sitting in a retainer ring. I bought this little gem in the early eighties from a bankrupted bicycle shop in Edmonton. Now, I wonder if I can use this to my restoration? It's a fun discovery!

Nov 10, 2010

The day after...

That's all there is!

Now that my Marinoni frame is in the next phase of restoration, I'm starting to sort through the Campagnolo Nuovo Record gruppo etc. Looking at it there's not much to it .... now I'll clean every part and store it. Except for my Cinelli Campione del Mondo handlebars/stem, chrome fork, & Campy seat post will go back on the restoration!

Nov 9, 2010

Stage 1: Tour de Marinoni... peinture du cadre

Just like starting over...
Marinoni & I at Peninsula Cycles!
All images by Carolle

This morning started out grey, overcast & rainy... and ended up in bright sunshine.

A good day to let go - of the Marinoni kind. Carolle and I drove about 45 minutes to Peninsula Cycles, in White Rock. I met the friendly owners, Les Lommel & ex-Canadian National cycling team rider Damian O'Hagan. I brought with me my digital camera so Carolle could document the dismantling of the headset & bottom bracket, to show the frame totally bare. A little challenge of trying to get the bottom headset off though, 23 years is a long time on.

My Marinoni's last stand...
Les (in blue jacket) about to loosen the 
bottom bracket.

I enjoyed seeing Damian's 1981 Marinoni w/national team paint colors. I regret not taking an image of it. He still rides it and believe me, it looks stunning. In fact, on the fork crown is proudly stamped a red maple leaf. On the headset is a larger red maple leaf, very classy.

Speaking to Damian was very pleasant. He answered all my questions interlaced with a story of his relay race from Halifax to Vancouver during September's GP du Québec. In fact, while he was riding he spotted the race helicopter flying overhead. Disappointingly, he said, "I should be there, what's wrong with this picture?" I knew this was the right place to come to.

I will have a brand new paint job. Words cannot even describe it until I get it back. It will be medium blue (from Marinoni's website) with white banding on the seat tube & down tube. What's also exciting is that Marinoni will provide ALL the old graphics. The 'M' logo surrounded by the rainbow stripes will be back along with the cool Columbus decals on my front chrome fork & seat tube. I was dreading that they no longer did this. No worries,  I'm beyond ecstatic!

An added touch is that I'll have my signature on the cross bar at the front. I've ordered them to provide a much needed water bottle braze-on situated on the seat tube. I'm not sure why it wasn't offered at the time I very first bought my frame. It sure beats having a second water bottle stuffed in the back of the jersey. I never did like it.

I'm awaiting a final quote before it goes back to Terrebonne. It may take from 4 to 6 weeks .... all in good time, and I'm more than happy that my Marinoni is in the right hands!

Sans bottom bracket.

Nov 7, 2010

Documenting my Marinoni

Carolle and I documented my Marinoni before I send it away for re-painting. I thought it would be a good idea before the big change. Here's some images...

Nov 6, 2010

Operation Marinoni: My Classic Ride... Back!

I plan to send my frame back to it's Québec birthplace to be re-painted by 
Giuseppe Marinoni!

I rode today and enjoyed it. I even bumped into Hans and it's always good to chat with him as I returned from Burnaby mountain. The roads were wet & slippery, in fact, my front tire gave way on a slick storm drain. No matter, I'm ok as I managed to catch the bike as I lost control.

My days with my bike are numbered. I have Sunday & Monday as my only two days left for a final ride before my Marinoni goes back home to Terrebonne, Quebec. It's official, I have made arrangements to have my 1987 Marinoni to be re-painted and then restored. Tuesday morning I'll deliver it to the bike shop to start the process. When I heard that Cycles Marinoni offers a service of repainting it's old frames, I'm very happy and eager to have it done. Years of use has nibble away portions of the paint to metal. A new paint job is sorely needed... it is 23 years old.

Stay tuned!

Nov 4, 2010

Queen's Park Grand Prix


September 19th, 2010 was the day of the Queen's Park Grand Prix in Toronto. An 81km circuit race that brought together top North American riders & ProTour riders; Michael Barry & Ryder Hesjedal.

The last time it was run was in 1998 & now with corporate help & resurgence in Canadian cycling's deservedly back!

Pro Mens Result...

1. Jeff Schiller, Garneau
2. Kevin Lacombe, SpiderTech
3. Ryder Hesjedal, Garmin-Transitions
7. Michael Barry, Team Sky

Nov 3, 2010

Team Luxy Goes Upwards

Team Schleck, err Team Luxembourg, has added climbing sensation Brice Feillu to it's fold. I say climbing sensation because that's what he is or still is. The 25 year old Frenchman had a huge start in the 2009 Tour de France convincingly winning the mountain stage to the ski station of Arcalis. Back then, he was only 23 years old in his first pro season, first Tour, first mountain stage and first victory. He would go on to finish 25th overall. The quirky French media raised a storm pegging Feillu as the next French Tour hope. But that's a special pressure that may go unrelieved.

Winning the 2009 Tour Stage 7...
The young grimpeur proves he's destined to go higher.

In 2010, Feillu jumped from the floundering Agritubel team to the Dutch Vacansoleil team which proved even more frustrating without invites to any of the Grand Tours. Now, on the new super Schleck team, young Feillu will probably find a new lease to his cycling career. It seems a good fit for the grimpeur working for the Schleck's especially in next years mountainous Tour.

Team Luxy will have a winner to be sure. A young highly motivated grimpeur to help and quite possibly to shine once again in the polka dots. He'll just get better at what he does so well... climbing!

2009 Tour...
Next season the polka dots will be calling again!

Nov 2, 2010

Movin' On Up

Bauer Power!

Steve Bauer's Canadian cycling team, SpiderTech-Planet Energy is poised to move as the only Canadian based UCI Continental team to the Continental Professional level next season and eventually ProTour status.

The young team has had good results. Guillaume Boivin is one to watch. At the U23 World Road Race he rode impressively splitting the bronze with Taylor Phinney. The 21 year old sprinter was ‘there’ again with a strong second place in the Sparkassen Giro Bochum, August in Germany. Niki Terpstra won the race but the Canadian beat third place sprint king, Andre Greipel.

Canadian cycling receive more recognition with Ryder Hesjedal’s astounding seventh at the Tour this year. Let’s not forget; Michael Barry, Dominique Rollin, Sven Tuft & Christian Meier competing on the ProTour. Tara Whitten is world champion in the women’s omnium and points races. Catherine Pendrell & Marie Helene Premont are two of the best mountain bikers in the world. And importantly, Quebec City & Montreal have at least a five year UCI ProTour race contract. 

Canada is a small cycling nation, yet with these results and with more to come, it can only get better. However, sponsorship = money which Bauer is working hard for. Moving his team up to Continental Pro and eventually the ProTour level requires serious cash. The Spider Tech team is operating in around the $3.5 million range. ProTour team Radio Shack spends about $15 million.

Meanwhile, work still needs to be done and who better to have at the Canadian helm than Steve Bauer!

Nov 1, 2010


A project that I've been holding off is soon to happen. The upcoming months will provide me with the important time for 'Operation Marinoni'. A restoration of the good kind aiming to turn my old Marinoni Details will remain quiet for now but I invite all to revisit this blog for updates. Change is good!
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