Cycling and the Monotype...

My passion for Le Tour de France was born  after joining Velo City Bicycling Club in Edmonton and watching Steve Bauer almost win the gold at the 1984 L.A. Olympics. Eight years later, while attending Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver I experienced the simple pleasures of the art of printmaking. In particularly, the "Monotype".
A Monotype is a single print pulled from a plexiglas plate on which ink has been applied. The image is transferred to paper by a press and the result is a one of a kind original image hence the prefix "mono". Before pressing the plate, I scan the entire plexiglas and output each image as a limited edition print. 
Today, I have amassed quite a number and will be starting another one for my new series entitled, "Non romantic imagery of the Tour de France". There will be a website upcoming soon!
I'm tired and off to bed.