In search of Robert Millar...

I just finished reading the compelling book: In Search of Robert Millar by Richard Moore. Millar was a true enigma to the sport of cycling. Often, hard to understand, misinterpreted and outspoken!

He was perhaps, the greatest Scottish cyclist to come from the UK with KOM win's in Tdf 1984, in the Giro d'italia 1987, and numerous other wins. In his hey day, he was one of the world's top grimpeur, when the mountains loom - he was to be feared. But, his enigmatic and eclectic self seem to be always present; his distance towards others, being vegetarian in a non-vegetarian race world, one of the first to sport a earring and ponytail, and recluse. He rode an envious life on the saddle until when the team he was riding for, Le Groupement(1995), disbanded mid-season, denying him one last pro season.

Then, he disappeared from the public's prying eyes and was alleged to be living as a... woman. It was this allegation that probably forced him to go away. To this day, his whereabouts are unknown.

Wherever he is, we should be less cynical of him and thank him for his great riding accomplishments that he has given to the world of cycling.