Forza! Pinarello & Van Impe.

Here's another picture from Treviso, Italy, 1984. One of the only in color, in fact, this is from a Kodachrome! After my enjoyable visit at Cicli Pinarello I snapped the team car parking in front of the factory! Bear in mind, that this is November and the cycling season is well over and during off season training and riders transferring to other teams, and teams getting ready for the upcoming season, not much is happening. This is the official team car of 1984 Metauromobili Cicli Pinarello. A rather nondescript car with full logo's equiped with the quintessential bike rack. It was an Italian base team(1982-'84) with a talented pool of Italian and non-Italian riders.

I admire grimpeurs and one of my favorite's is Lucien Van Impe. He won the green jersey for best climber in the Giro d'italia, 1982 and 1983! And continued on and won the polka dot jersey in the 1983 Tour de France all under the Metauromobili Pinarello jersey, at the age of 37! He moved onto the Italian squardra of Santini Krups Conti(1985). Where, in his last Tour de France, he would finished in a respectable 27th place. He started 15 Tour's and would finish 15 Tour's!(second for record Tour finishes) The following year, 1986, he would join Spain's, Dormilon Team and in 1987 to the Belgian Sigma Team. This was his last year and at the ripe age of 41, after 18 years in the peloton he decided to call it quits! His legacy; one Tour de France(1976) overall win, six Tour Mountain Jersey's(1971, 1972, 1975, 1977, 1981, and 1983) and two Giro d'Italia Mountain Jersey's(1982 and 1983).
Forza, indeed!