from the Isle of Islay...

I'm so pleased when from out of the blue, the internet blue - that is, I was contacted by Brian Palmer of  to be the subject of a feature on his cool post! The feature is aptly titled, 'le grand depart.'

A couple of days ago, I was jolted from my holidaze merri-making with his timely email. For you folks who are not familiarize with 'thewashingmachinepost', it is a captivating collection of everything cycling originating from the isle of Islay, Scotland! I enjoy reading the clothing, equipment, dvd and book reviews and find it indispensable. O.K. I'm a big fan of Colnago bikes and Robert Millar!

But, have a look at the very nice ardbeg winter jacket with the local single malt whisky distiller proudly displayed on it. Why am I thinking of a dram of whisky, right now? Dare I say more? 

I don't want to spoil it by revealing everything, just start tapping on the keys and you will see what I mean.

Again, big thank's to Brian!


GWR said…
Richard - well done, and what a complementary review. Carry on with the good stories, too.