Will the lion rock?

It's official, flamboyant Mario Cipollini has come out of retirement and signed for the controversial American Rock Racing Team. The aging 40 year old sprint veteran will concentrate on the US races including the Tour of Georgia and February's Tour of California. And when his racing contract ends, he will take over as manager of the Monaco-based team in 2009. Troubles are already coming from the Rock camp of finding suitable equipment sponsors and Cipo has made it clear that he doesn't want certain riders on his team. We're talking Hamilton, Botero and Sevilla...the Puerto trio. Although, he has expressed high interest in having Ivan Basso on his 2009 team. But, to counter the uproar he will make a reported annual salary of around a million pounds. Will it be enough to make the lion king purr?

With the impending storm about to brew... atleast to help pay for his back taxes!