A member of the Obsidian order

There's nothing like beer and cycling. It seems to go hand in hand, mates for life. Historically, watercarriers ferried the magic brew, along with other drinks, up to their thirsty captains. During the classic races, tough guy, Rik Van Looy was known to have a Stella or two. Just ask Vin Denson! I received a couple of nice gifts from my brother. He was down Seattle way and picked me up a great Campy cap. And, what better way to compliment this cool cap, with a nice brew from Bend Oregon, called, "The Obsidian Stout(6.4%)". I love the description on the bottle: "Smooth and black, like the volcanic rock, Obsidian Stout is a solid, satisfying beer with a rich roasted malt flavor. Made with pristine water from the Cascade mountains. Just a few miles south of the brewery. The big Obsidian flow, as they called it, covers more than 700 acres with shiny black Obsidain."
What an exotic name almost cult-like, but before you finish reading this, I'd have already joined the Obsidian order!