Pedalling to the Bont side

With over 32 years in custom boot making, former speedskaters'  Inze Bont along with his wife, Sara are the two behind, Bont Skates.  This Australian  company  is  the  world's largest producer of hand made speed skates.

Bont cycling shoes are quite good looking, almost sexy. Each one is hand crafted and closely resembles  an art piece;  you know ... better viewed than use.  The shoes are definitely  both.

I haven't heard of these cycling  shoes until yesterday. In fact, my friend, Hans gave me a ring and said that he won a pair!  He just subscribe to  for a year and won an expensive pair of Bont's.  It certainly made my morning. Now, he can stay updated with this season's race coverage while  owning a pair of the snazzy racers. "They'd paid for the subscription, " says Hans.
And more.

Nice win  Hans!