As close as it gets to Paris-Roubiax!

My love for Paris-Roubaix holds no bounds, a true specialist's race. However, this morning's incident with my bike eating the wet pavement revealed a 'close' similarity to the great race.
Ok, I've ridden this road many times, and as I yield and look both ways to turn, I quickly found myself flat on the road. Looking back on it, I may have leaned to much and misjudged the slickness of the road. While I was down and close to mother earth, and muttering how embarrass I was, the first thing I saw was my poor coffee mug bleeding profusely of the precious liquid.
I quickly got up accessed the damage and determined that I lost my dust cap to my Campagnolo pedal, torn the handlebar tape, and a bruise under my knee. My left hand palm side took impact and without my leather gloves may have been worse. I have a left shoulder pain and a nice looking scrape under my left knee. I'm now icing my palm hand and taking it easy for a few days off my Marinoni.

Sure, this Sunday's Queen of the Classics will have it's fair share of monumental crashes and output of pain ... but I feel somewhat closer.