Mars Bars Attack!

I read an interesting article concerning what Team High Road will be consuming at the feed zone during tomorrow's Paris-Roubaix...
Cakes, power bars, gels, sport drinks, water, chocolate and Mars Bars! Brilliant! Why not? George Hincapie has a good enough chance for the win, he's come in so close the previous year's. Sugar is sweet and so could his ride, Sunday.
Another rider that has a good chance is, Juan Antonio Flecha. I believe he's one of those gifted riders, through trial and error and over the cobbles, has transformed himself into a potential overall winner. These two veterans of Hell are due. And a good thing, the weather forecast tomorrow is for wet and nasty. For these two, that's great news. And, look for Norwegian, Thor Husvold to be third.

So, I'll go with my gut feeling that Flecha will win it with Hincapie ... very close by!

(above photo): Flecha at last year's Hell when he came in second. His former pain can be his tomorrow's gain!