MKS vs Campagnolo?

An MKS pedal dust cap, with logo, on my Campy pedal. Sacrilege?

I've replaced my lost Campy pedal dust cap(sigh, is it really gone?), with an MKS one. I went to the 'other side' of bike parts. It's an huge world where back room dealings constantly go on. Where people in darken alleys meet and go to barter for their replacement parts...

OK, kidding aside, when I dropped into 'Dream Cycles', they sold me an replacement for my lost left Nouvo Record Pedal dust cap, under the MKS brand. I've heard of the make before and I thought why would I put this inferior piece on my urber Campy pedal? Easy answer: it was available, cheap, and it fit! It probably would be hard to track down a Campy one and costly. So, I'm approaching it from the pragmatic side, if it works - keep it. I read on (, "that folks(very likely in denial) would file down the MKS logo and re-polish them to make replacements parts for hard to find Campy caps." I wouldn't have the time or patience. So, I'm perfectly content riding on Campy with protection from MKS. Surprisingly, I discovered that the MKS dust caps are made of aluminum to the Campy's ... plastic.

Someone should tell MKS that they're onto something good. Unless they already ... know!