Bike to work.

Vancouver's bike to work week encourages commuter's with a comfortable stop of free refreshments and a place to meet. The commuter stations are placed easily to access along designated city bike routes. Which begs a question. Why can't more people ditched their cars and ride to work? Realistically, not everyone can. But, if we can use our cars less equals more. I ride everyday to work. For the fringe benefits are gratifying: enjoyment of riding my bike, getting to work in a shorter time and becoming healthier.

I've noticed a definite spike with folk's on bikes. The bicycle is a fantastic yet simple mode of transportation, and non-polluting. A great way for just about anyone to get into shape.

Now, if only some of them obeyed traffic rules.

How about a shiatsu massage?

(Top): Commuters' mingling and taking a break with a free refreshment.

(Middle): The sign which will show you the way!


Groover said…
With the fuel prices going up and up and up hopefully more people will start using the bike to commute. I definitely noticed more bikes on the roads here in Brisbane lately.