Desserts with molto amore!

Ah! Springtime at the Giro d'Italia, which can mean two things. Exciting racing and food, especially delectable baked goods(any cyclist dream)!
Food when shared equals love or friendship and in this case eat plenty of desserts because you'll need the fat and sugar, later! The Italians were creating sweets and consuming the morsels before the 2nd century BC. The Middle Ages introduced sugar and everybody's favorite, chocolate from the New World in the 16th century and gave Italian sweets a delicious combination. With the many regions in Italy so many excellent desserts can be had. And what better way, enjoying it before stage 12 or on the course ... with friends!

(Above): A take out with Bettini and Visconti. The maglia rosa is served by the world champion. With a Barloworld arm reaching in for a taste.

(Top): Giovanni Visconti(maglia rosa) at the start of stage 12 going for some delectable desserts. What a way to start the morning!