My 100th post & new website!

I'm please to announce that this is my 100th post! Wow, it's hard to believe! What a milestone, I've already celebrated with an informal lunch at Stella's Tapas Bar. Carolle and I treated ourselves to a tasty burger with blue cheese and bacon and I topped it off with a nice Belgium 'Leffe' ale! It's incredible that I started this blog back in September, 2007. And I took 8 months to achieve 100 posts. As they say, "where does time go when you're having fun!" The enjoyment is twofold: writing about cycling and participating in the larger cycling community. And where would I be without you? I look forward to your comments and viewpoints. Or if you would like to ask a question or just chat, feel free to do so. A big hearty thanks to all!

Today also marks a very important launch of our new cyclingart website( After many hours of tweaking and ironing out bugs, Carolle has it ready and is now operational. My passion for cycling comes in a pair. The blog & my artwork. Now my prints are available to purchase online.

We proudly welcome you all to it!


Unknown said…
I started reading late into your century but I will definitely be in full support for the next few.