Wednesday a go go!

Last Wednesday, I was invited along with Hans to the North Shore for an afternoon ride.  I enthusiastically joined the group as we rode over to the beautiful Seymour Demonstration Forest for a nice brisk ride. Bears are known to feed off to the side of the road but thankfully we didn't see any. It was fun, once again,  to get out and ride in an informal group. I was one of the only two not to have clipless pedals and I admit I found it hard at times. Hans wants to get me over to the other side of the pedaling fence. He wants to give me his old Shimano pedals. Do I step into the future or hang on to the past? Stay tuned!

Afterwards, we met for a 'de-brief' at the local Greek Restaurant for a few pops. And next Wednesday we all plan to  meet at Stanley Park!

Here's some pics taken from Hans of the merry group.

Rest Stop, thinking of beer. And I'm mugging for the camera.

A beautiful course, with plenty of majestic trees. And NO cars!

The Merry Men. We're sandwiched between Hans(far left) and Fritz(far right).


Judi said…
Go clipless.