What kind of bike is that? It's a Pedersen!

I'd love to ride one of these...

A few days ago, I passed by  Vancouver's science world and found myself riding beside a man with a unique but odd looking  bike. As you ride and meet another bikey, conversation is short but polite. Of course it all depends, you may only acknowledge the fellow rider by a wave or nod. Or you may just be riding right beside where  a brief conversation starts.  

I found myself doing the latter. His bicycle was  apple green complete with very cool wood fenders.  "What kind of bike is that?" I asked.  The relaxed rider, in t-shirt and shorts replied, "It's a Pedersen from Denmark. Fun to ride. Look it up on the net."  I wished him a good day and later checked out the rather cool Danish website:



Ron George said…
Wow look at the top tube, I wouldn't want to slip off the pedals while off saddle.
Richard said…
Yes, and with a bike like this you would have to get off it very slowly!