Bravo Ryder & Co!

One  rider overlooked from  Alberto Contador's Giro victory,  is Canadian Ryder Hesjedal. A commendable  45th place(above)  in today's final ITT stage.  And yesterday, during the tough Gavia stage  he finished a respectable 17th. Hesjedal finished this exciting Giro in 60th overall. 

The rest of the team did  well with excellent results in today's ITT.  Kudo's to; Christian Van der Velde(5th), Danny Pate(6th),  and David Millar(13th). And now the Slipstream-Chipotle  team is off to Switzerland for R & R and then to get ready for Le Tour! 

I'm sure that Ryder Hesjedal and company will continue on with even finer results as the season goes. As this Ryder proves, he would definitely be a welcome addition for le Tour!

(Above): Good reason to smile after almost 3 weeks done. Ryder Hesjedal(right) and teammate Danny Pate, relaxed and jovial, on stage 20.

(Top): Oh Canada! The Canadian champion on the ITT course. He rode consistently throughout the race to finish 60th overall.