Nice morning ride.

I went out for a nice spin early this morning. My friend, Duane will most likely need our help after lunch. He's diagnosed with rectal colon cancer and  today start's his chemotherapy treatment. He's schedule for a 6 month course and it won't be pleasant. I know what he will be dealing with, because my brother is a cancer survivor. Although, chemotherapy ravages the body it will kill the cancer.  The doctor's figure this aggressive approach is best and he's young enough(47 years old) to take it. 
I thought about him as I enjoyed my morning ride. In fact, my own little problems pale by comparison to his. As life is so precious and short, I try to enjoy everything that life throws at me. No matter how mundane.

Keep ridin' and smilin' !


Groover said…
I'm sorry to hear about your friends. My thoughts are with you and him and his loved ones.
Richard said…
Thank's for you're kind words.
It's one day at a time and so far he's doing ok.