This Bullet's right on target.

My new Sidi Bullet 2's. The classic Italian!

While  away in Edmonton for vacation,  I picked up the Sidi MTB Bullet 2 cycling shoes. After using them on my training rides ... the Sidi's are simply fantastic! I had two choices, a Lake road shoe  or the classic black Italian Sidi's. 

Ok both were the same price, but the Lake had a slightly wider toe box,  silver colour, and that there was no way on earth to walk in them. The Sidi's, on the other hand  has a ever slightly narrow toe box, which my wide feet  slipped comfortable into. What I also like is the classic Italian style and the black colour. And, oh yeah, I could walk around in them without fear of slipping, thus avoiding the calamity of huge  amounts of pain.

The Sidi's won out, without question. I always wanted a pair and hell,  the Italians know a thing or two about cycling shoe design. It didn't matter that the shoes are made in cheaper to produce, Romania. I don't care, the fit and looks are excellent and I'm in Sidi happyland! 

Thank's to Hans he  showed me the exquisite  issue #8 of Rouleur magazine, he bought on  the Rapha website. What caught my eye was the story showcasing Eddy Merckx's rare photo album. Also a profile on 6 time KOM winner,  'the Eagle of Toledo'  Frederico Bahamontes. If you don't know what I'm referring to, do have a look at it on the website: 

Today was the first time I've looked at this unique magazine. Flipping through it, I'm utterly hooked.  I know you will be, too!