"Be a good sport, and let's have a pint!"
-ancient Australian proverb.

Another reason to love the Tour!

Hans brought over a funny account of the 2007 Tour de France as seen through Aussie eyes. It's a dvd called, 'DeTour The Movie.' I really enjoyed the docu-comedy with a twist of the famous Aussie wit. In case if you haven't seen it, it's about 3 Australian blokes, all in wonderful disarray as they show a personal and very entertaining view of that Tour. Sure they have the inside view as press dudes filming for, 'Australian TV,' chumming with fellow Aussie's; Cadel Evans, Robbie McEwen, Michael Rogers, Stuey O'Grady & Simon Gerrans.(Who?)

All in all a fun, unpretentious look at the Tour for everyday folks.
With a few pints in between!

Note: After the movie, you may feel like yelling, "Go Cadel Go!"