Slipstreamin' on Sunday.

Love the artwork & the beer! Kind of a catchy name?

You know when the day is going well when quite by accident I stumble onto something unexpectedly nice. Here goes,  I jumped on my Marinoni early(around 9:30 am), out into the beautifully warm weather. I'm making my way to Jericho Beach when I discover the  street is closed due to a half triathlon. Ok no problem, it's my half way point anyways, so I turn around and head for home. Two hours later and after a nice ride I decide to go to the local beer & wine store. And, with  stage 9's mountain stage on,  a nice cold one sounds right.
I walked into the shop and though and behold, what's this? 'Slipstream Cream Ale.' From Phillips Brewing, local brewer from Victoria. It turned out to be  a wonderful tasting beer and nice artwork to boot! The description on the box reads with key phrases in italics...

"Slipstream is a precision crafted cream ale, smooth as a pedal stroke. Malt and hops are balanced like a sweet curve in the road. Cooperative fluid dynamic techniques create a beer that is greater than the sum of its parts. The path of least resistance is actually through a bottleneck. Duck into the slipstream & enjoy the ride."

A great compliment to the days mountain stage. And the words are just like the beer ... smooth!

A beautiful day for a ride and race.
The half-triathlon and my turn around point. Right beside Jericho Beach, Vancouver.