Greg, the marathon & lovable dogs.

Greg and his Norco carbon.

I reconnected with an old friend today. And, we haven't seen each other in some eighteen years. Greg and I literally bumped into each other  just a few days ago. This morning we went for a nice spin  around Chinatown, the University and Kerrisdale. Pleasant morning and a nice excursion with gentle hills thrown in for good measure, the expresso didn't hurt either.  It's good to see an old friend again and I believe it happens for a reason. I look forward to more rides with him.

Coke's and a big smile!
The great Frank Shorter about to win the 1972 Olympic marathon.

I've ran two marathon's in my life and deeply respect it along with the runners that inspire it. I'm watching the gruelling 2008 Olympic marathon and can't help but think of a particular story related to American Frank Shorter's pre-race preparation. The evening before the 1972 Munich marathon, Frank Shorter spent the time taking the fizz out of his Coca-Cola. It worked. And he won the gold medal in 2 hours 12 minutes 19 seconds! Talk about, 'have a Coke and a smile!'

I love dogs and as an inspiring future owner checked out a dog festival over at Vancouver's Westend. Many dogs were there. And I thought this most interesting. This blindfolded girl is being shown the capabilities of a guide dog.