I was going through my old photos and dug  up a  picture  of me taken from my brother. This was 1989,  Vancouver  one and a half years  following my move from Edmonton. And that's my trusty Marinoni,  fairly new only  two years old. 
Could it be that today my wife and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary? Or that today I bumped into an old friend from that same time.  I  felt a little pain of nostalgia when I looked at the photo.  I can't believe it's been nineteen years ago. It reminds me of  when I was, of course, younger and in pretty good shape. Funny how we are all condition to think that youth=health. 

One thing I'm sure of.  Today, I've  never felt happier when I'm on my Marinoni...  my simple daily pleasure that started over twenty years ago.


idgygirl said…
Nice image of you in Stanley park.
It was nice to share the moment.

GWR said…
Richard, congratulations all round and a great 'retro' pic.
Richard said…

Heartfelt thanks!

Retro Richard
Unknown said…
here's to the next twenty
Richard said…
le blaireau,

Big thanks I look forward to it!