The Italian Master!

I'm happy the 80's are back!
I wouldn't doubt that it's the first Master in the city. One alteration; Hans changed to a black Cinelli stem.
Studio shot by Hans.

I finally got the chance to see Hans and his eye popping Colnago Master X-light Saronni. And I did ride it, although in the inner courtyard where Hans has his office. It's 58 cm, one size larger than my Marinoni. Surprisingly light, almost feather light. It has that special Italian feeling to it, a strong & confident feeling. Nice tight geometry & drool worthy steel lug work appropriately classic. I'd love to climb with it. I know that it would be glorious. It's well equipped, too with the Chorus gruppo, beautiful Cinelli bar & stem, Campy Zonda rims and Vittorio Diamante tyres. This hand-made Master comes in around 20 Ibs. When Hans said that it took seven months. I lost all track of time. I even had to check my blog as to when he ordered it. He's right. As we both rode up the hill beside the University Hans looked smooth on it. Not fighting it. And thats where the Master shines. It becomes part of you. Becoming part of the rider on a climb or flat out riding.

Now Hans's Master is here. One amazing classic road bike beautifully hand made by the proud Italian Master!

The distinctive head badge.
I'm glad Hans decided on the steel fork!
Image by yours truly.