My 200th with le Grimpeur!

Guy aka. le grimpeur & moi!

What better way to launch the 200th post with my enjoyable meeting with Le Grimpeur...Guy Wilson-Roberts!

We had planned for a ride last weekend but due to the rain had to cancel. Saturday's weather thankfully cooperated and  Guy and I finally met for a morning ride and view my cycling prints. Very nice to meet the man behind the blog and off we went. With a couple of hills thrown in, Guy looked like the quintessential le grimpeur dancing on his pedals. Vancouver's Jericho Beach has it with the beautiful view along with a good, steady hill. And, Ontario street provides a shorter but steeper hill. I'm tired when I reach the top of this one. A funny incident, during a red light, a driver gave me a nice compliment on my old steel Marinoni. His eyes went straight to my steel steed and bypassed Guy's Orbea.  Some folks are just simply bike snobs! We cracked a smiled as his newer carbon racer didn't get the same attention! Stopped at a  new bike store on Union street called, 'Jet Girl Bikes.' We looked in to find a couple of nice steel frames hanging. You guessed it, a Marinoni & a Basso! Too bad they're closed on the weekends. Guy said, "Oh, I can't bring in my carbon bike." I chuckled, 'they're steel bike snobs.'
Guy mentioned that he needs to put in a good  long ride before Winter. He actually rode an eight hour ride a little while ago...alone! I insisted if we were to do it(the key word here is 'if') we would need the help of a support vehicle to provide us with plenty of coffee and pastries!

Back at my apartment, we enjoyed a coffee and I showed him my portfolio. He commented on how the colors are more vibrant than what you see on the website. There's nothing like seeing the artwork up close & personal. And, there you have it, the 200th post with le grimpeur.

A fine start to the weekend. Thank's again Guy, looking forward to the next ride!


kristaps said…
nice jersey I would ask where you got it but i read earlier that you were in Italy so you scored this there did you see any pink team kits I am always keenon getting some nice loud kits hit me back Kristaps