My Osteopathy appointment

On Saturday morning, I made my way over to see my friend Anie, who practices Osteropathy, for a look over. I've had a numbing pain on my right hip radiating down the leg and into the foot for the past week or so. She stretched, pushed/pulled and manipulated my leg. Anie even gave me a partial 'craniosacral therapy.' It's basically cradling the back of my head for fifteen minutes or so allowing me to drift off to a happy sleep. We traced the source of the pain to when I walked into my rocking chair. My poor right foot turned black & blue and the pain started soon afterwards. The session went well and at the end Annie showed me a few stretches which will help out. I'll see how it goes, I'm feeling good about it!

A nice morning chat.

On my way to see Anie. I had a pleasant conversation with a rider as I was waiting for the light to change. We had a nice chat about my pending Osteropath visit, the beautiful weather and of course riding. He talked about getting ready for a ride to Black Tusk in Squamish just north of Vancouver. I peeled off at 29th Avenue and wished Ken a good day.

I enjoyed it!