Quebec's sweet two.

I'm going for seconds!

What does sugar pie and Marinoni bikes have in common? They’re both sweet and from Quebec. Ok, sugar pie originated from northern France, Belgium and Quebec. But, I am one lucky man to enjoy the Quebec version. It doesn’t hurt that my partner is from la belle province. And she bakes one every so often to keep my sweet tooth extremely happy. It’s also called, Tarte au sucre and is one of the top sweets from Quebec.

Now, as soon as I finish the larger slice I’m going for a ride!


Lyne said…
just got homesick.... enjoy ta tarte au sucre
Groover said…
That looks delicious. Any chance getting the recipe? Or is it a strictly guarded family secret? :-)
Richard said…
It's not a guarded secret. I have posted the recipe. Enjoy!