1951 Giro, a photo essay.

Terrific imagery from the Italian magazine, 'Lo Sport, 1951.'

Tenacious climber.
French National champ, Louison Bobet would win the Maglia Verde taking 7th overall. He'll become the first Frenchman to win the mountain jersey!

The fans.

Kubler(left) & Bartali.
Kubler, the 1950 Tour winner wanted to add this Giro to his palmares.
He would go on to finish in 3rd!

More great stars from the fabulous fifties.
Coppi(left) & Koblet(middle).
Two stages for the great Coppi and one stage for Koblet.

Compliments go to the photographers for the amazing & inventive imagery. I'll be posting more images in the next few days!