My new knitted friend.

Beanie & I.
Image by Carolle.

This morning I went off for a nice morning spin and although the weather was chilly(8 C) I was more than ready. Enter my new custom hand made cycling beanie for the cold rides. 
Rather than go out to purchase a cycling skull cap, which would be the easiest way to go. I forgo paying the $25.00 bucks and asked Carolle to make one. She did a wicked  job of creating a nicely fitted cap. This one is made from 100% wool, super comfortable and warm. And to keep it faithful, hand wash in cold water and air dry. It was so comfortable I left it on for the entire ride.  Thank's to Carolle, I now have a wool skull cap to keep my head and ears from freezing  on those cold winter rides. 

I'm already laughing at winter!