Road Test: My New Hand Knitted Toe Covers.

My Toe Covers; Birds eye view.
Riding extremely slow with camera in one hand and the other... holding on!

What's black, knitted and fits comfortable over a cycling shoe? It's my new toe covers handmade by Carolle.

A few weeks ago, after a long cold ride, I came home wishing I had something to keep my toes toasty. I mentioned it to Carolle and after wearing her wonderful wool socks & cap she offered to knit something. And here they are!

I came back from road testing them and they worked well in the mid afternoon chill. They stayed on throughout my leisurely ride and kept my toes comfortable and most importantly, warm. If there's one thing that bothers me during a chilly ride are frozen toes. Now it's a worry no more! I'm happy to include three images for all to see.

Toasty warm.
Curb shot along with my favorite wool socks.

Bottom detail.
Opening has enough room for the cleats.


c-record said…
are they pretty wind resistant?
elisabeth said…
those are great! pattern?
Richard said…
Hi C_C_ rider & Elisabeth;

Well, they're definitely chill resistant and because of the tight weave I'm more than confident that these toe covers will ward off the wind!

Carolle is planning to open a shop in Etsy, very soon. The pattern will available, there. I'll make a post to officially launch it!