Grinning with frustration.

My second shot with the hard to find Oregonian. 
My first time with the Black Butte Porter.

Ok I first thought that it was Obsidian Stout but its actually the Black Butte Porter. Here's my first taste of it...

Craft-y brewer, Deschutes Brewery out of Bend Oregon are starting to get on my nerves. Why? I just had a  pint of Black Butte Porter with my brother Ron. He had a couple stashed away from a foray down in Oregon. Anyways, the taste is utterly amazing and it's best summed up with the lyrical description from the website: 

"Black Butte Porter, crafted from chocolate and crystal malts, is Deschutes Brewery's flagship brand. With a rich and distinctive flavor, this porter has enjoyed a loyal and passionate following since its first pint in 1988."

And, it's not available up here. Thats why I'm mad! One of the finer porters I  had the pleasure of enjoying and I can't go down to the local and grab a sixer. Oh well, before turning for home I decided to ride off the frustration... in the rain.

Yeah, I still like you Black Butte Porter!


jrandles said…
We hear your frustration and will be up in B.C. next year to see if what it takes to sell some Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. No promises, but we are looking into it. Good to know you enjoyed the porter.
Jason from Deschutes Brewery