Particularly Satisfying.

Alfredo Binda's cool rainbow colored straps.

Cycling photography is another enjoyment of mine. Some time ago, I photographed the old fashion way with film. My subject matter was primary races in and around Edmonton. Capturing 'the moment' on film gave me so much elation. Maybe it's the primal urge that needed to be taken care of. I worked at it. The preparation, going to the event, anticipating the moment, then firing the shutter button. And finally, the image was immortalize. Particularly satisfying.

Thanks to Hans. He lent me his copy of, 'Rouleur: Photography Annual 2008.'  To say the least, I was surprised. And as I turned the first page I was happily surprise! A collection from nine photographers, each with different viewpoints on the world of competitive cycling. This cycling book will make your visual heart beat gleefully faster. How good can that be!

The photographs are captivating, each one intimate... part of a greater whole. Stirring and fascinating.  I felt compelled to pick up my camera, dust it off and use it again. And, getting on the bike and be in the glorious cycling moment. Whichever motivation, hats off to the moving & haunting  photographs from Rouleur!

Honor yourself with enough time, your favorite drink and get ready for a unique, visual overload. 
Here's a few of my favorite's...

Timm Kölln, 'Descent.' A Polaroid Adventure.

Olaf Unverzart, 'Passo Manghen, bends.'

Taz Darling, 'The Road To Nice.'