1976 Montréal Olympics: 'Swede' Smell of Success!


Above is the wonderful cycling poster from the 1976 Montréal Olympics. Its very progressive incorporating design elements of the hip, colorful seventies. Great artwork!

The road race was held on the 26th of July covering 12.5 kms long, 14 laps totaling 178 kms. But, the real drama started on the final lap. Sweden's Bernt Johansson was in the leading bunch of ten cyclists and decided to make a move. The bunch countered and reel him back in. Again, he tried to breakaway this time with only the Pole Mieczyslaw Nowicki able to respond. But, Johansson decided to pick up the pace once more. This time he shed away the unresponding Nowicki. 

That last unexpected breakaway for the Swede occur with 5 kms to go. He was alone, tantalizingly in front of the rapidly chasing bunch as he approach the finish area. Johansson couldn't help but smile and shook his head in disbelief of winning the Olympic gold medal. He crossed the finish line... 31 seconds ahead of the other cyclists! 

Hard work at the 1976 Montréal Olympic road race.
(left to right): George Mount(USA), Bernt Johansson(Sweden), Fons De Wolf(Belgium), Joe Waugh(GB), Klaus-Peter Thaler(Germany).

How swede it is!
Johansson's gold medal winning bike on display at the Westgota Idrottsmuseum, Sweden.