Meeting the Yellow Badger.

Years ago...

The Merckx Tandem.
A very cool 'like father, like son' image. I love the customized 'Merckx' that young Axel is riding. Lucky kid!
From: 'Eddy Merckx.'

Axel Merckx was asked the question, "Did having Eddy Merckx as your dad put you off having sporting idols when you were growing up?"

"Not at all. VHS came out at the right time so I could see a few of my dad's wins, but growing up I was a big fan of Bernard Hinault. I like him a lot. He was always friendly towards me; I remember visiting him during the Tour de France as a young kid. He let me come into his private caravan and say hi to him. As a kid, seeing the yellow jersey close up was a pretty big deal," he answered.

Fast forward...

Like son, like father.


Groover said…
The photo of Eddy and young Axel is adorable. As you said: Lucky kid. Riding a Merckx bike at the age of ... what? ... 5 or 6? So cute!