The Third Belgian.

Power in Pink!
Classy winner: Johan de Muynck, 1978 Giro d'Italia. 

After Eddy Merckx's last Giro d'Italia win in 1974, Belgium was anticipating her next victor. Merckx rose to living legend with number five. Then, Michel Pollentier won in 1977. 
Thirty years ago, Belgian climber Johan de Muynck took over the 1978 Giro d'Italia. When he won Stage 3, La Spezia-Cascina he proved a worthy wearer of the maglia rosa. He wore it well and kept it right to the end in Milano. A brilliant win for de Muynck, third and the only time a Belgian rider last won the Giro d'Italia!

Two great climbers up in the soggy Dolomites.
de Muynck(Bianchi-Faema) riding side by side with rival Giambattista Baronchelli(SCIC) who finished 2nd overall, 59 seconds behind.
From: 'Fabulous World of Cycling.'