Hermanus Berserik.

I have this wonderful postcard from years ago. It's titled, 'Wielrenners,' (The Cyclists) by Dutch artist, Hermanus Berserik. I bought this postcard in Amsterdam  back in 1985 and have kept it ever since. A little worst for wear but its still a fine example by the talented artist.

Hermanus Berserik was born in the Hague, Holland (1921-2002). I love his paintings especially of cycling. All very nostalgic, self-exploratory &  leaning heavily on surrealism. His other paintings examined  a playful, child-like dreamworld of dolls, ports, townscapes & landscapes. And the humble bicycle was a popular theme. 

Warmly rendered, 'Wielrenners,'  has to be  one of my all time favorite cycling paintings!

The Dutch realist painter, Hermanus Berserik.