Ciao Maressi!

The very classy Dromarti Sportivo.
One of three distinct cycling shoes, made by Maressi!

I haven’t seen a pair of beautiful cycling shoes in a long time. These shoes are off this very cool website.

It seems that Italian made retro leather cycling shoes are again back. To passionate aficionados this could be a step up to cycling nirvana. For all things beautiful, these wonderful hand made works of art are made by  Italian shoe maker, Maressi. I remember seeing a pair racing shoes when I first started cycling and dreamed of one day of buying a pair. Sure, I had a pair of Adidas Eddy Merckx but it wasn’t Italian. No offense Adidas and Eddy. The Maressi’s were so well made with loving attention to detail that cradled your feet so well it made one want to sing an operetta. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Maressi’s anymore. And, they seem to disappear from the cycling world. Until now…

What's life without passion?

Classy Italian rider, 
Roberto Visentini wearing his Maressi's
at the 1984 Giro d'Italia.


Jason said…
Couldn't agree more Richard, very classy shoes. I want a pair!!