My big old tub of love.

My wonderful familiar old grease!
A staple in my tool box.

There's nothing like a shiny and clean bike.  After buying a new bottle of chain lube, I finally got down to it. I took off my chainrings and re-grease the 5 bolts. One of my trusty items that I could not do without is my old tub of love... Campagnolo special grease!

As I applied some on the bolts, I thought to myself, I've had this wonderful grease approaching... twenty-five years. It's just under half full and it still smells and looks the same since I first bought it. I purchased this along with various Campagnolo tools: cone wrenches, bottom bracket tools, pedal dust cap wrench, crank extractor, headset tool, crank bolt wrench, all at a small Edmonton bicycle shop that was going out of business. I can't remember the price but it cost very little to almost clear him out. It was certainly a great opportunity to take advantage of. As the days passed, I returned over the last few days to buy up as many items I could get my hands on. I love using these fine Italian made tools and I still marvel at how functional and well made they are. 

Some things are destine to becoming classics... 

Especially, my big old tub of grease that keeps going, going & going!


The Flandrian said…
I've got a smaller, square tub of Campag grease, white with the blue lettering, which I've also had for at least 25 years. Still plenty left -- I wonder that Campag make any money out of it. Ian
Richard said…

I believe we both won this battle. Campag never made any money out of us!