Felix's Fantastic Thirty!

Felix always has a great story behind each of his bikes!

This late morning, I finally met up with Hans, Fritz, Paul, Brian, Dave & Felix for a coffee on the 'Drive.' I got the 'call' from Hans about an hour before and I set out eagerly to ride again with the old steel bike group.

I haven't rode with them in some time and I looked forward to it. I met Felix only once last June at a bike exhibition and it was great to see him again. Dave was the new member of the steel group casually dressed with a beautiful steel Rossin. Hans had his Beppe Saronni Red Colnago. Fritz, Paul, Brian & Felix had each a Gios Torino in the classic cobalt signature blue. Fritz and Paul wore their classic wool Brooklyn jerseys reminding me of the 'Gypsy.' Funny, I planned to do a future post on Roger DeVlaeminck! After the nice java jolt we rode on to Felix's warehouse ...for a nice surprise.

Over in a nondescript warehouse on the Eastside of the city, housed a beautiful retro bike collection. I was amazed, surprised, happy and a little envious to discover Felix's 30 steel bikes. Oh, he had a non-steel one, a beautiful aluminum Guerciotti sitting proudly in mint shape. It was made just after framebuilder Alan introduced their Aluminum frame back in the eighties. And, I couldn't help but think of Fritz's huge collection which numbers somewhere in the sixties or is it in the seventies? This had to be the second largest collection in the city. Felix's ten year old collection is mostly classic Italians' except for a Schwinn Paramount, a British Hetchins & two Eddy Merckx's (ok they're really De Rosa's!). We all enjoyed the atmosphere with beer/cold cuts and hovered around Felix with his astute knowledge on every bike and it's history. He has so many lovely bikes here with a rare Confente and one of his favorites, a Mondonico made to measure for him.

Afterwards, Felix took us next door to his Italian neighbour, a auto mechanic, to show a mint Pinarello, Moser and Masi. Wow! Double pleasure as we chatted with the mechanics and their love for old Italian bikes.

Thanks to the steel club and especially to Felix for letting me in to see his tasty thirty! I'll be posting future stories on Felix and some of his eye popping bikes very soon. Stay tuned!

Just some of Felix's amazing collection.
We were all in awe, even Fritz!

All the right stuff!
Cobalt blue Gios Torino's, wool Team Brooklyn & Missilgas jerseys.
(l to r): Fritz, Paul, Felix & Brian.

Believe me, I was salivating!
(l to r): Mondonico, Poliaghi, Colnago & Ciocc.

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Amazing collection