Gios=Roger DeVlaeminck!

Classic victory on the Gios!
On the cover of the Gios Torino 1977 catalogue.
De Vlaeminck's winning ways at the 1976 Giro di Lombardia.
He sprinted away from Bernard Thevenet (2nd) & Wladimiro Panizza (3rd)!

Between 1973 and 1977, one of the best Classic riders in history gave Italian framebuilder, Gios that added cachet it needed. That rider was Roger De Vlaeminck.

The Gypsy gave Gios frames that needed shot in the arm. Good for business and eventually gave every fan a hero figure to identify the brand name with. In 1973, Gios and Franco Cribiori (Brooklyn Chewing Gum) formed a professional cycling team signing star riders De Vlaeminck & Patrick Sercu. The framebuilder decided on ‘Electric Blue’ to go with the iconic stars and stripes jersey of the Brooklyn team. It worked. And it never hurt having De Vlaeminck riding to a record four Roubaix victories. His fantastic Milan SanRemo wins were probably dearer to him because of his Italian sponsors.

Roger De Vlaeminck’s Paris-Roubaix training methods were demonic. Waking up at 5 in the morning and covering over 400 kms in one day helped him gain the psychological edge over the competition. So he said. His workaholic standards paid huge dividends. And today, the Gios bicycles are thriving. And, one can’t help but linked it’s rich cycling history with Roger DeVlaeminck and the famous stars and stripes of the Brooklyn jersey!

His first year in 1973.