The Photos of Speeding Past!

Patching with Concrete, 1967.
After years of cycling use. The track had to be refinished for 10 more years of racing!

Ciao a tutti!

The Italian cycling exhibition, "Speeding Past or Pedalare nel pasato" is an incredible historical document of bicycles & photographs. Just looking at the fantastic photographs gives the viewer the important focal point ... in Vancouver's cycling timeline. The 1954 Commonwealth Games or the Empire Games was the impetus for the China Creek Park Track. Along with the invaluable support from the Italian cycling community the track stayed on until 1980.

Here are some of the great photos from this fine cycling exhibition!

Construction site with earthen banks, 1953.

China Creek Park, 1958.
That's the medal podium from the 1954 Commonwealth Games.

Track racing.

The finished track.
An impressive view.

Track & road cyclists, 1957.

Ed Barry & Mario Brunoro on a Tandem, 1958.
They won the one mile race in the 1958
North American Championships!