Speeding Past... The Italian Connection.

Early track racing here in Vancouver!

I’m plugging the ‘Speeding Past/Pedalare Nel Passato’ exhibit at the Italian Cultural Centre Museum. It begins this May 23rd (12:30 PM) to August 5th here in Vancouver. What is planned will be a display of film showings, history and notably a contribution from some friends…

Fritz & Felix will bring along a few of their fine two wheel specimens as part of the show.

And it’s all about Vancouver’s rich Italian-Canadian bike racing history with emphasis on the important Italian contribution.

If you’re in or around the city, please check it out and get ready as this much anticipated exhibition will be, literally, Speeding Past.

I can’t wait!

The address:

The Italian Cultural Society
3075 Slocan Street
Vancouver, BC


Kitchen Stories said…
Sounds fantastic! Good luck with it! I'll be back there, soon!
Richard said…
Great! I hope you get a chance to see it!