Viva la Vuelta!

After putting down the fine book, "Viva la Vuelta," it's by far the definitive book on the Vuelta a Espana. Unfortunately, it has been perceived as number three in order of the great stage races; the Tour & the Giro will always run one and two. Call it an inferiority complex. This race started back in 1935 and annually since 1955 and has survived the bitter hardships of; civil war, dictatorship, money struggles, famine and political violence. This smart/insightful compendium by Lucy Fallon & Adrian Bell is so well written and researched that it deserves a place in any cycling library.

Foreign riders arrived with their powerful teams to dominate. Dictating the race over the ill prepared Spanish riders most common right up to the seventies. Stars like Merckx, Anquetil, Hinault, Herrera, Kelly & Maertens stood out as conquering riders. But, it truly is the Spanish heroes like Fuente, Ocana, Delgado, Heras & Contador that provides the catharsis for the troubled Spanish nation.

Early years.
The running of the riders & bulls!

I enjoyed reading this fine book on this great race and I highly recommend it.

I'm a fan!


Ron George said…
What I love is how the climbs in the Vuelta have a character of their own. A sinister one at that. Last year, the Angliru showed how that even Spain has some climbing monsters to show off.
Richard said…
And A. Contador stamped his superiority over it and took joined the select group to win three grand tours!