Car Free - Bike Friendly!

Two wheels meet three wheels.

Last year started it all with Car Free Day-Vancouver. Four major streets were designated to become pedestrian walkways. The weather was beautiful and off we walked over to Main Street.

This past Sunday was an incredible turnout of friendly folks and their four legged canines. Oh, and of course the bike crowd shared their two wheel transports for a fun filled sunny day. I believe Vancouver’s moving towards a fresher, healthier community base banning the car for one day. It's a start. Like everyone else, I’d like to see it go further by having it go monthly during Summer. Can it be far away? Just seeing the faces on everyone it can be done. Carolle and I walked the 13 blocks of this fun block(s) party undisturbed by any four wheel vehicular activity. We were both tired but elated to attend a fine example of sustainable community living.

And, we can’t wait until next time!

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