Cycles for Heroes.


The other day I discovered, by chance, a distinctive German based bike company whimsically named, Fixie Inc – Cycles for Heroes.
If the catchy name isn’t enough to pull you in I don’t know what would. There’s so many independent bike makers out there, this one tops cool. Only steel bikes here with roadie sexiness with peculiar monikers; ‘Chip Race’ & ‘Betty Leeds.’ Add the lovely well named fixies; ‘Black Jack’ & ‘Peacemaker.’ And throw in a cyclocross, proudly red in color called, ‘Pure Blood.’

Going for Seconds…

I’m closing in on getting a second bike. And, I’m interested in a singlespeed thus embracing a simpler, urban all season commuter 2-wheeler to fight back the harsh weather of the wet coast. My first choice was to go for another Italian road bike but practicality has taken over me like a second skin of lycra. I keep asking myself, ‘Why not an Italian frame?’ If I can find one but it has to be able to wear full fenders, that’s critical. And, no question it will be steel. The beauty of it all is that there is so much to choose from. And, mind you I’ve been looking …and licking my chops.

Stay tune… my quest continues!



Groover said…
Wow, this bike IS sexy ... and it's German. Well, I still haven't bought my fixie, yet ...

Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. :-)