Velo-City... the Revolutionary Exhibit!

I'm in a fantastic dream!
Many steel bikes here along with the historical 7-Eleven cycling jersey from Canada's Ron Hayman & Brian Walton's Milk Race (Tour of Britain) leader's jersey.

As Carolle and I eagerly sauntered into the Vancouver Museum, we were very happy to get out of the increasing heat. The air-conditioned environment was the perfect setting for the exhibit, 'Velocity & the Bicycle Revolution.'

Our eyes finally adjusted to the soothing darkness of the various rooms and we were quite mesmerized by what we saw! Vancouver's bicycle culture never look better. With the hard work from Pam, Toby & Nik of Propellor Design, we can all be proud. Toby mentioned to me that they worked about nine months straight and you know it shows! Inside one of the rooms we witnessed video & book installations that was so informative. I was pleasantly surprise to discover old cycling issues of Velo Magazine. What really caught my eye were the working bikes especially the well used 2003 Pake(pakay) fixie from courier, Toby Alford. I could relate to it as I thought back to my days as a bike messenger cruising through the downtown core & alleyways as a free spirit worker of the roads.

My heart was beating louder as I gaze up and saw rows upon rows of vintage steel road bikes. A few I recognize from Fritz's collection and others for the first time. Happily, there are too many to list here as I invite everyone, if you can, to visit this extraordinary exhibit that's on until September 7th.

Viva la bicycle revolution!

Mtb'er Alison Sydor (left) & Brian Walton's champion jerseys & medals.

A smart looking 'Vancouver Bicycle Club' wool jersey circa 1930's.

Beautiful photography is included such as the portrait of
Super Champion's Tyler Lepore!

It's all about one important aspect... enjoying the wondrous bicycle!

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