Bib shorts, heat, tricolour flying, & Thor

Before bib shorts.
Hinault using those %#*!!! suspenders... at the 1979 Tour.
From: 'Fabulous World of Cycling.'

Saturday was extremely hot with the temperature climbing to 30 degrees C. It was perfect to try out my very first bib shorts from Descente and wonder why it took so long. My very first really pro shorts were made by Blacky. I remember that I had to hold them up by wearing suspenders. The suspenders became uncomfortable after a long hot ride digging into the shoulder and I'd be cursing with them on. Also, there was a metal clasp that rusted out with my body sweat and soon left a rust mark on my skin. Fast forward today and it's all one piece so comfy you can wear them for a long time and not feel fatigue.

The French are back!

Brice Feillu, first year neo pro with Agritubel, won his very first pro race on the mountainous stage 7. Only 23 years old he also put on the polka dot jersey a fine achievement for the tall & lanky grimpeur. Saturday's stage 8 gave the youngster a short stint in the polka dot jersey but was wrestled back by fellow compatriot, Christophe Kern (Cofidis). Thomas Voeckler took stage 5. And, to further fly the tricolour, Pierrick Fédrigo (Bouygues) outlasted Italy's Pellizotti to win stage 9's final Pyreneen stage to Tarbes. C'est beau!

Very good in green.

Thor, 'the God of Thunder,' Hushovd took over the green jersey from Mark Cavendish. Good to see him in the climbs and taking the immediate sprint points to move in front of the points classification. Eleven points up and holding on to the green jersey!

Because you must hydrate...after a ride!
Tailored made for any heat wave.
The fine; made in Montreal beer...
St. Ambroise Pale ale!


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