In Horseshoe Bay.

Horseshoe Bay.

This morning was an eye opener (7 AM) as I ventured out to meet my friends Gregory & Michael for a nice long ride to horseshoe bay in West Vancouver. We did one 10 km loop of Stanley Park before climbing the scenic route in West Vancouver. My first time as I enjoyed the great views and the hilly roads used by many cyclists. Horseshoe bay is beautiful and is the home to the ferry that travels to Nanaimo and all the surrounding smaller islands & the Sunshine Coast. We stopped for the customary coffee and sweets and made the turnaround back to Stanley Park and two more loops before returning home. All in all around 85 kms clocking in around three hours. I had a great ride and arrived home tired & elated.


I caught the early skirmishes of Stage 15 to the ski station of Verbier and left during for my ride. I know that Contador took the stage and the Yellow Jersey and I'm about to settle in to watch the stage!